Travis was born and raised in a small town 40 miles west of the Twin Cities.  He spent much of his childhood drawing monsters and singing Guns N’ Roses’ songs into a hair brush.  In high school he played guitar in a rock band.  After earning his BFA from BYU, Travis moved to New York City for a summer to intern at The Society Of Illustrators.

Travis currently teaches ceramics and painting full time at a middle school and part time at a residential treatment center for youth with learning differences and emotional disorders.  He is a third generation educator and he feels that it is a great privilege to educate future generations on the finer things of life.

A middle school art teacher by day and a rock n roll poster artist by night, Travis has the best of both artistic worlds; being immersed in an energetic, creative environment all day, and fusing his two great passions of art and music by night.

Travis’ music posters are beautifully crafted and brilliantly conceived.  He truly captures the essence of these bands and the music they create.  His work is rich with symbolism and hidden meaning.  Typically, the more you know about the history of the band and their music, the more you will appreciate the subtle nuances in his work.

In Travis’ own words he describes his journey to reinvent the rock poster:

“As a teenager in the 90’s I spent the majority of my meager paycheck on purchasing CDs.  In order  to get more bang for my buck, I would usually drive to Minneapolis to my favorite used music store, Cheapo.  I would spend hours shuffling through piles of unorganized, used CDs in hopes to find a few gems.  In those days I found great pleasure and excitement in viewing the art filled booklet of a newly purchased CD, while listening to the music for the first time.  Such an experience would frequently result in me feeling personally connected to the band.

Since those care free days of my youth, I have noticed such feelings are increasingly more rare, even though I am purchasing more music than ever.  I think one major reason for this detachment is that, for the past ten years almost all the music I have purchased has been intangible MP3s.  This digital format has physically disconnected me from having that experience of my youth when I heard AND saw the music.

Back when Radiohead released The King Of Limbs I decided I was going to purchase the special “Newspaper” edition.  The day it arrived I sat down for over 2 hours to read the newspaper and enjoy the artwork while re-listening to the album.  That was the first time in a long time that I felt the excitement of my youth and a tangible connection between art and music.

Since that day I have been striving to reconnect art and music in my life through reinventing the rock poster.  I have always had a feeling of nostalgia when gazing upon my CD collection, but now I feel these rock posters are connecting me to the music and these bands with an even greater sense of excitement.”

When Travis is not teaching or creating art he enjoys watching movies, playing racquetball, going to concerts, watching sports, and spending time with his wife Adrienne and daughters Kozette & Ruby.